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Gain Instagram Followers

Its time for you to gain instagram followers. I grew my instagram account to over 10k followers in under three years. Lately I have been getting lots of inquiries on how I grew my Instagram account to over 10k followers. Rather then answering everyone individually, which I wish I had the ability to do, I decided to make a youtube video. If you want to know how to gain more instagram followers in 2018 check the video below.

As usual if you have questions that aren’t answered in the video on how I grew my instagram to over 10k followers in under three years, let me know.

If you are curious as to why I believe it is important to always gain instagram followers; these are some of the main benefits to having a large social media platform. I promise it is a lot different than you think. I don’t get stopped in the street. I don’t get free drinks at the bar. I don’t get unlimited luxury products sent to me for free. All of the reasons listed below are practical.

  1. Influence – As a photographer your primary objective should be to have some sort of influence on your audience. For example if you are a product photographer, you want to increase brand awareness or sales. If you shoot weddings you want to influence the audience and evoke an emotional response. For every area of photography, influence is and will always be most important.
  2. Accountability – having a larger following can insinuate a lot of things but most importantly, within photography, it insinuates that you deliver.
  3. Draw – Times are changing, having a strong portfolio is EXTREMELY important, however new studies are showing that brands choose to work with people who are more socially active rather than not. (
  4. Amount of Work – simply put, the more followers you have the larger your social reach is thus resulting in you getting more work. Its basic math yall.